The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank

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  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank
  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank
  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank
  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank
  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank
  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank
  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank
  • The 10 Best 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Tank

Nowadays, there are so many products of 40 gallon gas hot water tank in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. You have searched for 40 gallon gas hot water tank in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them.

You are in RIGHT PLACE.

Here are some of best sellings 40 gallon gas hot water tank which we would like to recommend with high customer review ratings to guide you on quality & popularity of each items.

A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax Plus High Efficiency Gas Water Heater, 40 gal

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater #RG240T6N

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Atmospheric Vent FVIR Defender Safety System® Models Feature: ■ Bradford White ICON System™—Intelligent gas control with proven millivolt powered technology and built-in piezo igniter. A standard, off the shelf thermopile converts heat energy from the pilot flame into electrical energy to operate the gas valve and microprocessor. No need for external electricity. — Enhanced Performance—Proprietary algorithms provide enhanced First Hour Delivery ratings and tighter temperature differentials. — Advanced Temperature Control System—Microprocessor constantly monitors and controls burner operation to maintain consistent and accurate water temperature levels. — Intelligent Diagnostics—An exclusive green LED light prompts the installer during start-up and provides ten different diagnostic codes to assist in troubleshooting. — Pilot On Indication—Flashing green LED provides positive indication that pilot is on. — Separate Immersed Thermowell—High-strength advanced polymer composite thermowell provides isolation between electric temperature sensor and surrounding water. No need to drain the tank when removing gas valve. ■ Advanced ScreenLok® Technology Flame Arrestor Design—Flame arrestor is designed to prevent ignition of flammable vapor outside of the water heater. ■ Resettable Thermal Switch—Proven and reliable bimetallic switch prevents burner and pilot operation in case of ongoing flammable vapor burn inside of the combustion chamber or restricted air flow. ■ Maintenance-Free—No regular cleaning of air inlet openings or flame arrestor is required under normal conditions. ■ Sight Window—Offers a view into the combustion chamber to observe the operation of the pilot and burner. ■ Factory-Installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System—Cold water inlet sediment reducing device helps prevent sediment build-up in tank. Increases first hour delivery of hot water while minimizing temperature build-up in tank.

Excel Pro Tankless Gas Water Heater NATURAL GAS 6.6 GPM Whole House and for Hydronic heating Compare to Rinnai, Rheem,Noritz, Bosch FREE FLUE KIT

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

This compact , yet powerful unit – with gas inputs up to 140,000 BTU per hour – can meet all the hot-water needs of a small to medium American home or apartment. Designed to virtually do anything a 40-gallon tank-type water heater can do and much more The Wall mounted Excel Pro is design to work with hydronic baseboard or radiant floor heating applications, as well as provide domestic hot water to plumbing fixtures and appliances. LCD Display Control: Just set the desired water temperature The Excel Pro has an energy factor of 0.84-0.85. Excel Pro: Modulating Technology Tankless water heaters can be further divided into two categories according to their heating capability: “full on/full off” versus “modulating”. Full on/full off units do not have a variable power output level; the unit is either fully on or completely off. This can cause an annoying and possibly hazardous variation of hot water temperature, as the flow of water through the heater varies. Modulated tankless water heaters change their heat output in response to the flow rate of water running through the unit. The Excel Pro comes with a display panel where you can set the output temperature and regardless of water flow the unit modulates the fire power. Pure Copper Heat Exchanger * As used by other top of the line tankless gas water heater manufacturers like Rinnai, Takagi, Rheem and Noritz. Features & Benefits Super compact 14.5″ x 23″ x 5.5″ size 84%+ thermal efficiency 140,000 BTU maximum input 6.6 gallons/ minute capacity at 35F degree rise Minimum activation flow rate of 0.5 gpm Electronic ignition. Has a Power vented fan that Vents directly vertically or horizontally with 3” stainless steel flue 3′ long flue and elbow included. Can be used in recirculation and space heating application . Delivers 6.6 gpm of hot water with a 35°F Instant Temperature Rise (Equivalent to 5.5gpm with a 45F temp Rise). European Model Digital Display is in Celsius.

A.O. Smith XCRL-40 ProMax Short Gas Water Heater, 40 gal

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Eccotemp i12-NG Tankless Water Heater

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

40 gal. Residential Gas Water Heater, NG, 38000 BtuH

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Frost King SP57/11C All All Season Water Heater Insulation Blanket, 3” Thick x 48” x 75”, R10

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Style:3” Thick x 48” x 75”, R10

Product Description

Thermwell SP57/11C Water Heater Blanket. Fits up to 60-gallon water heater. 3-Inch tall by 48-inch wide by 75-inch tall

From the Manufacturer

The Frost King SP57/11C Water heater Insultion Blanket is fibergalss and foil on both sides for supreme insulation and fits most gas, oil or electric water heaters. Includes foiltape for easy installation. The reflective value is rated at 10.

Tankless Water Heater, Gasland BS158 1.58GPM 6L Outdoor Portable Gas Water Heater, Instant Propane Water Heater, Overheating Protection, Easy to Install, Use for RV Cabin Barn Camping Boat

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Rheem RTG-84XLN-1 Tankless Water Heater, Grey

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Rheem RTG is a series of mid-efficiency condensing tank less gas water heaters designed for continuous hot water. Industry leading low flow activation with a minimum flow rate of . 26GPM and minimum activation flow rate of . 40GPM ensures hot water is received even in low demand situations. Ultra Low NOx burner meets SCAQMD rule requirements of safety with low emissions. While our exclusive Guardian Overheat Film Wrap prevents our units from reaching the dangerous temperatures others can. Add in our maintenance notification settings, self-diagnostic system and Eco Net enabled mobile app feature (additional kit available), buying the Rheem RTG tank less water heater makes perfect sense. Included are a digital remote control and 10ft. of thermostat wire. As this unit is for use outdoors no venting is required. Best if used with up to 3 bathrooms; . 82UEF (. 82EF Canada) efficiency.

Indirect Hot Water Heater, Indoor/Outdoor Hot Water Storage Tank, 40 Gallons 1 Coil-Residential Solar Water Heater System, Enamel Inner Tank

Last update was on: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Size:40 1 Coil

An Indirect Hot Water Heater can be used for storing and heating domestic water. Coil models have solar- or boiler-heated water pass through the coils to make the water in the tank hot. The enamel steel inner tank helps prevent corrosion and buildup from hard water. Compared to stainless steel, enamel can withstand higher temperatures for longer and it’s a better material for potable water applications. It also isn’t susceptible to oxygen in the system, unlike stainless steel. 1 coil is recommended for closed-loop solar/boiler thermal applications that have freezing or hard water conditions.

Insulation protection – CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation surrounds the inner tank, filling the space between the inner and outer tank. This provides a great heat retention barrier and reduces the energy cost by minimizing standby heat loss.
Electric Element – Low-density Incoloy 800 immersion type element ensures long lasting performance with kW heat input, offering different hot water recovery rates.
Anode Protection – A magnesium anode rod is included to protect it against corrosion, a process well-proven in years of application.
Safety Protection – Each model has a pressure and temperature relief valve. It protects the water heater against excessive pressure and temperature by releasing its contents safely to the floor trap via the drain pipe.

Model: 40 Gallon 1 Coils
Net Volume: 38.6 Gal.
Electric Heater: 8530 Btu/hr
Wattage: 2.5kW
Gallon/hr Recovery: 21 Gal./hr
Working Pressure: 101.5psi
Inlet/Outlet Size: 3/4″ NPT
Insulation: Polyurethane 1.85″
Materials (Inner / Outer Tank): Enameled Steel (Steel BTC340R, 0.01″) / Galvanized Steel (White, 0.02″)
Dimensions, Weight: 54″ x 21″ x 21″, 176lb

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